Foodie News 2018!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Hello 2018! A new year means new beginnings… for food!

The holidays may be over, but good food still remains in Downtown New West. Now is the time to explore new restaurants and give this list a go. A new year's resolution perhaps?


---NOW OPEN---

Hyack Sushi, 55 8th Street


(Volcano roll)
The food is bomb, price is right and they have special discounts for pre-orders in advance. Plus, for the month of January, they are offering 10% off their entire food menu!

Kelly O’Bryan’s, 800 Columbia Street


Pachos, pachos, PACHOS! Waffle fries + cheese is what we've all been waiting for. Food, service and good vibes - they got it all down. Also, if you haven't heard, it's one of those family restaurants that give you a free meal on your birthday. 

Pizzeria Ludica, 601 Carnarvon Street


(Cheesy spinach & artichoke)
The long-awaited restaurant with board games is finally open. Stay in, enjoy a scrumptious pizza while getting your game on. Vegan options are also available so there's something for everyone.

Piva Modern Italian, 787 Columbia Street


(Duck sandwich)
Magnifico. Elegant ambience and wonderful service. The menu takes a creative and inventive approach to traditional Italian dishes. A beautiful restaurant that makes for a perfect date. Reservations are encouraged.

Ramen Hachi, 120-888 Carnarvon Street


Finally, a ramen spot for all our ramen needs! With this cold winter weather, you want to warm yourself up with tasty comfort food. This is the place to be.

Van Thai, 100-892 Carnarvon Street


Just steps away from Ramen Hachi is Van Thai; a lil' Thai spot with a great selection of soups, salads, curries and traditional Thai dishes. Takeout and delivery are available.


Quesada, Shops at New West


You will soon be able to make a pit stop at the New West Skytrain Station for Mexican burritos and tacos.
Donair Dude, Shops at New West


Donair Dude will have traditional Turkish cuisine - donairs, falafel plates and more!

Poke Bar is in the works… Stay tuned!


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