The Tinypreneurs of Tomorrow

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lil’ kids, BIG dreams

Tinypreneurs sounds adorable doesn’t it? It gets even better! Tinypreneurs is a unique, innovative and educational experience for children to be exposed to the world of an entrepreneur. They will be back at the River Market on September 30th and December 9th, 2017 from 12pm to 3pm. A group of talented kids will be showcasing their business ideas in New West, right by the Riverfront beside the Fraser River Discovery Centre so you can’t miss it!

We got the chance to interview the Founder of Tinypreneurs, Max, who is only 10 years old! Yup, you heard that right. Ten! The charming and thoughtful fella told us a bit about Tinypreneurs and the story behind it.


Can you tell me about Tinypreneurs and what it’s about? We get kids more involved with entrepreneurship. The ideas they have can be the first step into the business world.

When did Tinypreneurs begin? About a year ago. I wanted to do a lemonade stand so I asked my dad and he said ‘why not make a festival where you and other kids can go and start in entrepreneurship and learn about it.’ – His father, Ramses, is extremely supportive!


If you can describe Tinypreneurs in ONE word what would it be? FUN! – Answered without any hesitation!

What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs? To choose something you really love to do... Not randomly sitting at the office. Something you’re really passionate about. – We couldn’t agree more! #joblove

What makes a good entrepreneur? I think what makes a good entrepreneur is a person that’s nice to the public and a person that’s honest.

What keeps you motivated? What keeps me going is to know that I’m helping kids. I really like knowing that I’m doing that.

What has been your favorite thing about Tinypreneurs? My favorite thing is that I’m actually having fun and meeting nice kids.


Max is not only a business man in the making; he can sing, dance and play the guitar. Talk about talented!

See these kids bring their ideas and creativity to life on June 3rd! Let them surprise us!


Visit the Tinypreneurs website.
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