Billard Architecture

We hear your needs and translate them into innovative and functional design.

We achieve excellence in project delivery, and with the client’s needs top in mind and when appropriate, using the Holistic Project Delivery™ method. Our network of professionals partner with us to ensure you are working with the best team for your project.


We listen to our clients, understand their needs, and then guide them through the process of designing high quality, beautiful buildings that meet not only their needs, but meet zoning and environmental standards. We save our creativity for the design and not the flowery prose of a website.

Project Management

With our strong knowledge of construction and in partnership with the best engineers, contractors, and other build professionals, we take charge of the timelines and budgets of each project and free up your time.

Owner’s Representative

With Robert’s experience as the Owner’s Representative, we have honed our ability to clearly understand every detail of our client’s build and create a strong, efficient, definitive set of standards to hire the best team for your project.

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