10 Tricks to Tackling Bridal Shopping

Monday, June 20, 2016

Saying I Do Has Never Been Easier! 

The Bridal District in New West is a dazzling gem along the river. With so many stores decorating the streets, it’s no wonder it’s become a one-stop destination.

Peer into the streets on any given day in New West and you are guaranteed to find groups of bridal parties flocking from store to store. While the day can be overwhelming for some, it’s meant to be a joyous occasion as you prepare for the big day ahead.


We spoke to a bridal expert and here are their 10 Tricks to Tackling Bridal Shopping!


  1. Bring your friends (duh)! You want to spend the fun day surrounded by loved ones. We’re thinking a few close friends and a family member or two. You’ll only do this once (hopefully) so you definitely need to share the moment.

  2. Leave the “Debbies” at home. Nobody wants a Debbie Downer killing the happy mood.

  3. Bring shoes that are the right height. While you’ll often be barefoot, knowing how high your shoes are helps when doing alterations.
  4. Be open minded. We understand that you may have been planning this day for awhile now, so you already have your exact silhouette picked out. But try on different styles that you wouldn’t normally consider. You might be surprised with what you fall in love with!

  5. Know your budget. Whether it’s unlimited or fixed, our bridal stores have anything and everything to match your price point.

  6. Try on a headpiece. Adding that veil or tiara to the outfit completely solidifies the look. Once you’ve accessorized, you’ll definitely be in a bridal mood.

  7. Can’t bring yourself to take off the stunning dress? Then you know that’s probably the one for you.

  8. Consider flowers. Once the dress shopping is complete, stop by one of our florists (like Bunches & Blooms) and take a peek at some of the exquisite flower arrangements.

  9. Sample some wines. Well who doesn't want to do that? The Wine Factory on Front Street offers an assortment of wines for every palette. Be sure to check them out.

  10. Celebrate the end of a successful day with food and drinks. If you're feeling a little bit exhausted that's normal. Recuperate with a few drinks and some delectable food. New West's happy hour is not to be missed!


And there you have it. Click here for a full list of bridal stores

Keep us posted!

-Meretin Yuspie



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