3rd Edition of #RateThisBench

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Welcome to the third edition of #RateThisBench! This series is modeled after the UK original which you can find here.

This edition, instead of being hosted by our amazing Executive Director Kendra, is being done by the BIA summer Ambassadors, Boshra and Hannah. As you’ll see by reading, you’ll realize we were fairly liberal in regards to what we counted as a bench.

Bench 1

This is the first and only traditional bench we rated today. This is the platonic ideal of a bench as it’s in a great spot close to Quayside park, but out of range of the playground, so it’s quite calm. You can also watch the river pass by and enjoy the lovely landscaping. Overall, we gave this bench 9/10!

Bench 2

Though not a bench, it is very close, here you can catch Hannah sitting at one of the picnic tables on the Pier Park Festival Lawn. We’re going to have to give this one a 10/10. There’s plenty of space for you to do things at this table! You could bring down a board game, or maybe just takeout. It’s very close to parking and transit so if you’re coming downtown it’s not much of a walk, and the view of the Fraser River is great! Additionally there’s always something going on here this summer, therefore it’s a great spot to sit.

Bench 3

Now this is clearly a chair, but hear us out! This seat is beyond comfortable and very nice to sit in! However, it is also quite deep and if you’re under a certain height, your feet might not be able to touch the ground. But some things that make it a strong contender for a higher rating is that it’s right next to the brand new playground in Pier Park, so if you have kids this is a great seat to relax in while they play. Overall, we’re giving this red chair a 7/10!

Bench 4

This is where we start to deviate on what we consider proper seating. But when was the last time you sat on a swing? Also located in Pier Park, we give this swing a 5/10. We both love swings and though this is perfectly safe, it’s not very tall so you’d have trouble going very high on this swing. And isn’t going high the best part of the swinging experience? Additionally there is only one proper swing so we couldn’t both enjoy it together. 

Bench 5

Though not technically a form of seating, there is nothing stopping you from taking a seat on one of these red orbs in Quayside Park at the end of the boardwalk. Unfortunately, we can only give it a 3/10 as it is very fun looking, but not super comfortable. All 3 points awarded are for how awesome of an Instagram post these would make if you sat on them. Great for a photoshoot but not quite a bench.
Share your favourite benches with us using the hashtag #downtownnewwest!

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