A Little Slice of Heaven: Pizza in DTNW

Monday, July 6, 2020

Lies, slander, outrage! Just recently, the Uptown BA had the audacity to claim that Uptown has better donairs than our beloved Downtown New West...

While this is clearly nonsense and we could argue about it all day, there is one thing that Downtown does better without a single doubt and that's pizza. Whether you prefer to dine-in, eat by the slice or get delivery, Downtown New West is home to astonishingly good pizza.

Pizza Garden


Wow, just wow, this pizza is insanely good. Whether you prefer a whole pizza or just a few slices, Pizza Garden will floor you. They serve pizza with a European style crust that is made in a stone and brick oven, and man can you taste the difference! There is a perfect cheese to sauce ratio with just enough toppings and a decent selection of flavours to choose from. You can order delivery or grab a table in the restaurant itself, which is conveniently located in the Shops at New West Complex. No matter how you take your pizza, you are guaranteed to be blown away. If you aren’t in the mood for good pizza though, feel free to order from an Uptown restaurant.  

Pizzeria Ludica


photo courtesy @ogfoodz

Authentic Italian pizza, European style crust, and a warm environment make Pizzeria Ludica a true treasure and certifiably better than anything in Uptown. Not only can you get a huge variety of delicious pizzas and toppings here (including vegan options!), you can also play one of their hundreds of board games in-store. The Pizzeria Ludica in New West is currently working on bringing back dine-in service but in the meantime, you can still get their mouthwatering pizza delivered fresh to your door. 

Boston Pizza


photo courtesy @unrehearsedfoodie

Boston Pizza is a well known restaurant chain that serves a wide variety of american style pizzas and cuisine. Although they’re famously family friendly, they’re also a great place to grab a beer with some friends and watch the big game. So whether it’s date night, a team dinner or you just need to get the taste of an Uptown Pizza out of your mouth, Boston Pizza has you covered.

Fresh Slice


Another well known pizza joint, Fresh Slice is located mere steps away from the New West Skytrain platform so unlike Uptown restaurants, they’re actually convenient. This buy-by-the-slice restaurant is perfect for a quick bite to eat on your way to virtually anything.

Show your support for our amazing pizza scene and help educate the Uptown BA on how Downtown has the superior restaurants by posting with #teamDownNW.
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