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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Steel and Oak is awesome. We know that, you know that, everyone knows that. Why? Everything they do feels high quality, from their unique beer to their hipster-industrial interior to their beautiful new patio...

They have an impressive lineup of beers but not every beer is created equal; some outshine the competition. Read on to find your perfect brew in Downtown New West!


 Shiny Things

This quirky IPA boasts a strong fruity flavour with a prevalent hint of grapefruit and a pineapple undertone, creating a beer that goes down unbelievably smoothly. It’s the perfect summer beer, and add sitting on Steel and Oak’s brand new patio soaking up sun, and you’ve got an exquisite experience.

Vibrant Things

This tropical pale ale is extremely fruity and yet almost a sour beer. There are notes of citrus, tangerine and mango, firmly making it a summer beer. You wouldn’t feel out of place in the slightest drinking this on a beach somewhere. This beer is sweet yet tart and overall a wonderful choice.


Red Pilsner

Good Red Pilsners can be a little hard to find but Steel and Oak got it right. This beer is definitely hoppy, but doesn’t overpower the other flavours. You can still taste the spice and smell the floral aroma, making this beer best enjoyed at dinner or afternoon happy hour. 

Dark Lager

This German-style lager is brewed to perfection. It has flavours of chocolate, almonds, toffee and coffee with a soft fruity undertone. Its creators focused more on the flavours than the hops, resulting in a smooth finish and light mouthfeel despite its title as a dark beer.We’d argue the best time to drink this beer is on a cool autumn night on your porch.

Égalité is a beer created by the women of Steel and Oak. It’s got a fruity aroma with a sour bite, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its sweet after taste. There are hints of pomegranate, lime, red currant and a light pear flavour. It’s light but absolutely full of flavour. Égalité is only 4.5% alcohol which definitely makes for a more relaxed drink. Best part is that part of the proceeds from this beer go to help struggling women in the community so you can satisfy your thirst and your conscience at the same time, that’s what we call convenience.

Whichever beer you choose to drink – and whether you sit inside, outside or at home – you simply can’t go wrong with this list of the best Steel and Oak brews!

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