Big Star, Bigger Lunch

Monday, January 4, 2021

Start the new year off right with some of the best sandwiches in Downtown New West.

It’s time to hit up Big Star Sandwich! Their sandwiches are huge, and absolutely stuffed with meat, veggies and all the good stuff. With a massive menu, that even includes hickory sticks within some sandwiches, you are sure to find whatever your stomach desires.

Number 10

If you’re in the mood for a porky sandwich, grab the number 10. It has the holy combination of ham, bacon and swiss cheese, then have them throw in some hickory sticks as the cherry on top.

Number 28


photo by @judy.thefoodie

If roast beef is calling your name, you can’t go wrong with the number 28. The roast beef is fresh and it joins with the bacon, habanero, sticks, chipotle, sauces and vegetables to form the perfect lunch sandwich. Disagree with us? No need to start a fight, you can simply have beef with this sandwich instead.

Number 2


photo by @snackysneks

Simplicity is sometimes key, and there is nothing simpler than the number 2. It has turkey, bacon, cheddar guacamole, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard. This is a great early lunch, or middle of the hike sandwich. Bite down on the number 2 while on the summit of a mountain to regain all your energy and make it back down in record time. Don’t feel bad about ordering this sandwich on repeat, it’s hard to go cold turkey!

Number 1

If you can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner later this year (didn't it just happen not too long ago!?), feast upon the number 1, it’s that special dinner in sandwich form. It rocks the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo combo and much like thanksgiving dinner it’s sure to put you asleep.  

Regardless of which sandwich you feel like whether it’s with meat or vegetarian or with hickory sticks, Big Star can meet your needs.
It’s a great place for a quick hearty meal, with friendly staff and a convenient location offering takeout and delivery!

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