Bubble Tea Bonanza

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Summers are getting hotter, the nights are getting longer and your thirst is only getting worse. Why not grab yourself some refreshing bubble tea to wake yourself up?

Thankfully, we've got a whole host of bubble tea spots where you can grab your fix. Keep reading to find out where you can treat yourself to some good ol’ milk tea and tapioca at some of the best bubble tea houses in Downtown New West.


Downtown New West’s very own Bobacabana prides themselves on only sticking to the good stuff: top-notch loose leaf teas, homemade syrups, and real fruit–NOT the powder stuff. Check out Bobacabana’s own brand of premium bubble tea on the second floor of Shops at New West. Bobacabana also gets creative with their bubble tea, so check in often to see their new features.


Ninja Bubble Tea

Located in the River Market, Ninja Bubble Tea is famous for their gigantic bubble tea sizes, reaching up to 1 litre. Despite their giant sizes, quantity does not come before quality here. Ninja Bubble Tea offers teas from around the world all the way from South Africa to the Mountains of Alishan.



The global bubble tea franchise giant, Chatime, brings their brand of authentic Taiwanese bubble tea to the far reaches of the world and Downtown New West is not immune. P.S. They have a claw machine inside of a telephone booth!


Bubble World

The classic bubble tea perennial favourite, Bubble World, is serving up hot dishes of Taiwanese food and (as their name suggests) a world of bubble tea. Make sure you try some other desserts of their menu too! Explore other Taiwanese dessert favourites such as sweet butter toast and shaved ice.


Credit to: @lseemungal

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