Cool Desserts in New West for Hot Summer Days

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Located right beside New Westminster Skytrain Station, Snowy Village is the perfect dessert spot for those hot summer days. 

Never been to Snowy Village? For starters, Bingsoo, is Korean for "shaved ice" (after all they are a Korean dessert place). Snowy Village boast healthy alternative desserts made from locally & internationally sourced fresh fruits, fresh 100% Canadian milk & fresh sweetened cream.

With so many flavours to choose from, it can be hard to settle on just one. Luckily, I've narrowed it down to my Top 5 Bingsoo flavours to try when you are there!

#5 Watermelon Bingsoo 

Watermelon adds a more refreshing taste and balances out the sweetness from the shaved ice. If you love watermelon, then this is a definite must try!

watermelon bingsoo

Credits to @christyenjoys

#4 Strawberry Bingsoo 

Summer means berry season! Enjoy this 100% fresh strawberry bingsoo coated with sweetened condensed milk, which amplifies the strawberry’s sweetness and is overall a great option for starters.

strawberry bingsoo

Credits to @_thecookiemunster

#3 Injeolmi Bingsoo 

If you haven’t tried Korean traditional rice cakes, then you should try this flavor first! The rice cake’s flavor is not overwhelming and is a perfect pair with the bingsoo.

Injeolmi Bingsoo

Credits to @caloriesandchill

#2 Oreo Bingsoo 

Oreo on anything does not disappoint! The oreo crumbs compliment the bingsoo well and is a fan favorite on this list. 

oreo bingsoo

Credits to @isasmellaa

#1 Mango Bingsoo 

No need to say much. Must try.

mango bingsoo

Credits to @surrey.eats

BONUS: Half Strawberry & Half Mango Bingsoo

You can try out multiple fruit combinations of your choice into one bingsoo! Order this for yourself if you want more variety in your bingsoo.

strawberry and mango bingsoo

Credits to @wallflowerfoodie

There are many other dessert places in Downtown New Westminster that you can definitely explore, some are hidden in place sight and some stand out among the rest. Check this Bubble Tea places here if you are a fan of cold drinks!

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