#DOWNTOWNDISHES Top 3: Shops at New West

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We're back to fill you in on our fave Downtown New West foodie hot spots. Next up, Shops at New West! It doesn’t get more convenient than grabbing a bite literally within a skytrain station.

Here are the perfect treats to help you power through your next commute.

1. Poutine at The Spud Shack Fry Co.

You’ll never go back to food-court poutine after trying this. Fresh crispy fries, rich gravy and melted cheese curds all served in a super trendy venue. Their menu offers some fun twists on your classic poutine with jambalaya, “baked potato”, and Jamaican jerked chicken. Fun fact: Spud Shack also serves a great pint of beer on tap and 1/2 price poutine every Monday!

spud shack

2. Waffles at Bobacabana

This fun bubble tea and dessert spot is everything your aesthetic dreams are made of. Known for their outlandish (yet outstanding) flavor pairings including oreo volcano, matcha red bean and more. Better yet, order as a group so you can get a taste of everything!


3. Homemade soup at Ramen Hachi

One of the newest additions to Shops at New West. This little gem is just what you need on those cold days. Their homemade noodles and soups will hit the spot! Chicken, pork, fish and even vegan options are available. You can also choose additional toppings for that perfect bowl of ramen.


Be the envy of all commuters and end off your work day with some grub from Shops at New West + more eateries are coming to the hood! Don’t forget to tag us in your foodie pictures on Instagram!

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