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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

We find ourselves in a new year, and we’re focused on looking ahead. Part of that means wanting to be a step ahead of the game - that’s why we’ve compiled a list of not only the trends that are predicted to take over in 2022 but how our Downtown can cater to all of them for the rest of the year! Keep reading to find what may work for you or a loved one as a gift!


If you wanna strut in a room like you own the place because of how hot your fit is, you need to get some oversized jackets and one-pieces into your wardrobe, cause they’re predicted to be must-haves for 2022. Look at some cute pieces you could start your collection with from Found Boutique & Mila + Paige.

mila + paige coat 1
jumpsuit from m+p 1

Coats & Jumpsuits from Mila + Paige

Think a handbag or belt would accessorize your 2022 looks to perfection? Hand & Sew sells handcrafted leather items that would elevate your outfit to an exquisite level. 

& for Home Decor lovers…

We hope you’ve got a soft spot for curved furniture pieces because they’ll be taking up lots of space this year. What kinda soft corners does downtown offer? Have a look at these ornaments replicating sunsets and sunrises from Good Omen. They’ve also got these prismatic crystal spheres which cast rainbows across the walls of your home! If you’ve got a taste more suited for the exotic side, perhaps these snake wall hangings will be just what you’re looking for.

good omen crystals

Got a thing for history? Statement vintage pieces are making their way back this year. Antique Alley on Front St. offers a broad range of antique collectibles with varying price ranges. They sell many of their pieces to movie props, and we bet your home is cinematic-worthy, so catch one of their pieces and make your home pop with flavour! Just roaming around the shop is a memorable experience of its own.    

Sustainability Matters Too!

We know that so many of you probably have being increasingly sustainable as one of your goals for the new year, because rest assured, it’s no fad but rather a trend that’s here to stay. Luckily for us, The Refill Stop is Downtown’s sustainable gold mine, full of eco-friendly personal care & house products. They’re open right by New West Station for convenience and you can browse through their products online too since they offer delivery as well!


If you’re always looking for ways to add someone else’s treasure to your home, look no further than Champagne Taste Home. They offer both new and cosigned furniture for people to add to their own collection of furniture. 

Self Care is Key

The word that is on everybody’s tongue - and as it should be. We’ve all collectively experienced a rough few years, and 2022 needs to be the year that we manage to get some of our grooves back in the midst of all of this. We’ve already spearheaded this movement with our recent Self-Care giveaway on Instagram (follow us there if you don’t already to be one of our lucky winners in the future), but we encourage you to go ahead and splurge on your health & wellness at places like: 

If you found this to be good stuff, be sure to bookmark the page so you can come back to it whenever! Most importantly, we have a whole new year ahead of us so take care of yourself! 

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