Feature StrEAT: Tunes of Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Fest

Monday, July 9, 2018

Folks, the 6th Annual Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Fest is just weeks away on July 28th, and we’ve got a whole host of talented musicians ready to make your festivities a fun and unforgettable time!

In fact, there’s so many local entertainers showing off their musical chops on Columbia Street, we figured you could use a quick guide to where you can find them both online and at the event (No big deal: you’re welcome Internet).

Enough with the intro, on with the show!


Begbie @ Columbia St: Melaya Cooks

Bio: “Malaya is "super over-joyed" to get back to her passion: singing and playing her ukulele & guitar. Music, according to Malaya, is one of the most beautiful ways to emotionally and spiritually connect with each other.”

Blackwood @ Columbia St: Lenny Pallerstein

Feature StrEAT - Lenny Pallerstein

Facebook: @lennypallersteinmusic

Instagram: @lennypallersteinguitar

McKenzie @ Columbia St: Kaya Kurz

Feature StrEAT - Kaya Kurz

Facebook: @kayakurzmusic

Instagram: @kayakurz


Begbie @ Columbia St: Dave Monks

Blackwood @ Columbia St: Colin Sankey


McKenzie @ Columbia St: Daniel Green & Friends

Feature StrEAT - Daniel Green & Friends


Begbie @ Columbia St: Dougie Greig

Feature StrEAT - Dougie Greig

Facebook: @dougiegreigmusic

Twitter: @iamdougiegreig

Instagram: @dougiegreigmusic

Blackwood @ Columbia St: Patrick and Toshi

Bio: Patrick is a local up-and-coming professional recording artist, drawing inspiration from jazz greats like Jim Hall, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Gilad Hekselman among others. Vancouverite Toshi Milardo has studied with cool jazz luminaries Andre Lachance & Jodi Proznick, going on to support other local rising talent such as Ardeshir Pkmati, Ilhan Saferali, and frequent collaborator Patrick Kao.

McKenzie @ Columbia St: Wind Up Birds

Feature StrEAT - Wind Up Birds

Facebook: @WindUpBirbs

Instagram: @wind_upbirds


Begbie @ Columbia St: Carmina Bolinao


Facebook: @carminabolinao

Twitter: @carminabolinao

Instagram: @carminabolinao

McKenzie @ Columbia St: Cumbia Galera

Facebook: Cumbia Galera  

Instagram: @cumbiagalera

Blackwood @ Columbia St: Jesse McMann

Facebook: @hoopdancer01

Instagram: @hoopdancer01

Phew, that was a lot of talented people! Additional shout-out to our sponsor Westminster Savings Credit Union for making all this entertainment possible, and Arts Council of New Westminster for organizing the talent!


See any of your favorites? Spread the word using our hashtag #downtownnewwest! See you on Columbia Street at Columbia StrEAT, July 28th!

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