I Like The Way You Roll: Sushi in DTNW

Thursday, September 3, 2020

There is nothing fishy about it – Downtown New West has the best sushi around. Whether you want dine-in or delivery, you are guaranteed fresh, fast and delicious sushi. So, get ready to roll: let’s talk Downtown Sushi!

Ki Sushi

ki sushi

photo courtesy @jr.foodies604

When it comes to sushi here, serving sizes is key (or should we say Ki?). These massive portions will fill you up completely for a great price. This tasty sushi is available mere steps away from the New West Skytrain station, making it extremely accessible. Ki Sushi is a great place if you want tasty sushi and lots of it.

Hyack Sushi

hyack sushi

Hyack does not mess around when it comes to sushi; they make a mean roll and they know it. Located across from Ki Sushi and near Douglas College and the Skytrain, it’s easy to see why Hyack is a Douglas student favorite. Their sushi is next level and yet still reasonably priced. Perhaps most impressive is the technology they have incorporated into their dine-in services to ensure that you can get your meal quickly all while keeping the staff and customers safe.

Hayashi Sushi


Hayashi Sushi, where you have more options than a stock broker. This place has an impressive menu and can help satisfy almost any food craving. They also know the best way to serve vegetables: deep fried. Hayashi Sushi is in the Columbia Square Plaza, which means it’s the perfect place to stop off for a bite to eat while getting the rest of your shopping done. Their sushi is well made and it's available for a reasonable price.

Kushi Mura

kushi mura

Kushi Mura is the most convenient of New West’s Japanese cuisine, located directly in Shops at New West, mere seconds away from the Skytrain. Dining at Kushi Mura is a great experience, from the funky bar to the TVs playing Korean music videos; there is so much to look at and take in. The food is simply fantastic and will leave you stuffed, with a huge variety of special rolls and happy hour deals. You simply can’t go wrong eating here.

There is no such thing as a bad sushi option in Downtown (unless you count the sushi I make), so order and prepare to be blown away.

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