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Friday, March 9, 2018

Mila and Paige, a Downtown New West gem for its stylish boutique and the trendiest outfits.

“I have just what you’re looking for!” Anita Dunn, the friendly owner of Mila and Paige, a chic fashion boutique in Downtown New Westminster exclaims as she greets a customer. Anita remembers all of her customers’ style choices and sizes. She offers fashion advice, sends messages to her customers when new clothes they’ll like arrive, and highly values establishing personal connections.


Anita smiles, “One of the best parts of starting my own fashion boutique is the many friendships that I’ve made.” It was this dream of wanting to build community and a sense of belonging that led to Anita opening Mila and Paige in Downtown New West. 

“I love the small-town feel. It’s awesome to know everyone. Everyone is so supportive and friendly.” Anita shares, “I also grew up in New West.”

After years of working as an accountant, Anita made a courageous leap - she left behind her career in finance and took on her creative calling.

“I chose happiness.” Anita remarks.


In June 2016, after seeing the need for unique boutique-style clothing shops, Anita opened Mila and Paige on 45 Sixth St. Since then, it has become a staple of any Downtown New West shopping trip. Known for gorgeous high-quality clothing and accessories that’s tailored towards a wide demographic - women in their late 20's to over 40's, they’re all carefully hand-picked by Anita. Some of the highly sought after brands they carry are: Matt & Nat, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and BB Dakota. 


As the owner of a store that’s growing each day, Anita admits that she inevitably needs to make a lot of sacrifices, “I don’t watch TV,” she chuckles. “But I take time to go running, it’s a good stress reliever."

Again revealing her constant desire to help others, Anita created run_milaandpaige to inspire more people to take on the refreshing sport! 


“When I’m running, I can be alone with my thoughts, and that’s also when I remember the community that’s come together through Mila and Paige.” Anita grins, “There’s also lots of new surprises that are coming up!” 

Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new fashion arrivals and sweet deals! 

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