New Pier Park Playground

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

With lots of features and fresher than ever, make sure to visit the new Pier Park Playground sometime this summer!

Have you visited the new playground? 

After the devastating events at Pier Park last September, many local residents were devastated about the loss of the iconic Downtown New West “W” landmark, along with the volleyball courts and the hammocks. But the park has reopened with a brand new playground, and yes, the hammocks are back! 


image 1

Coming from the Pier Park Parkade, the new playground is connected by a brand new and spacious walkway that lets you see the bridges and mountains in the distance, while also providing you with a full view of all the features of the new playground.


image 2

A previous favourite feature of Pier Park, the hammocks are back with a new look and feel! Gone is the threat of sand in your shoe when you walk over, as the new hammocks float above soft and comfortable wood chips!

Chess table

image 3

Another feature that’s newly introduced is the chess tables installed underneath the walkway. With cover from the sun, chess enthusiasts now have the perfect place to enjoy a game with the sound of water and wind in their hair. Just make sure to bring your own pieces!


image 4

From a big spiral tube slide, to swings for parents and toddlers, the playground has it all! There are several obstacle courses and places to climb, along with a soft spongy floor, so getting hurt from falls will not be a problem. The playground also has a few different see-saws for children of all ages, as well as places to run around!

Finally, parents will love the playground too, as there are several benches and comfortable lawn chairs facing the equipment, so they can relax while keeping an eye on the little ones. 

The new playground is exciting for many reasons, so make sure you make a stop on your next walk!

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