One Final Quest

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Are you up to quest the last week? To become a quest champion? Then you’re going to need a dinner of champions or at least an ice-cold drink.

Luckily, we have four recommendations for your post-quest celebratory meal in Downtown New West.

Spud Shack

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French Fries can be found all around the world, from London to Shanghai, but the best fries can be found at Spud Shack. They’re piping hot, full of flavour, crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, they’re just so good. Much like any good Canadian business, they know how to take their fries to the next level: poutine. These guys make some insane poutine with many types of meat and cheeses to choose from. They also serve incredible burgers! Everything that Spud Shack does is fantastic so drop by and grab a cone of fries this Friday.

Paddlewheeler Pub

paddlewheeler pub

The Paddlewheeler is an awesome place to grab a drink or a bite to eat while you quest. It’s right at the River Market with an amazing patio, making it super convenient. Their drinks are extremely reasonably priced and there is a wide selection. Their food is so worth mentioning, it's actually pretty spectacular. The seasoning is what really puts these guys ahead of the competition, everything is seasoned so well, from the fries to the burgers, to the chicken and even to the onion rings. Paddlewheeler is a great place and well worth visiting.

Hub Restaurant


Hub Restaurant is another great place to grab a drink. Tucked away in the top floor of Shops at New West, and across from the Skytrain, Hub might just be the most convenient place to grab a drink in New West. Their food is good, and you get a lot of it. Their Barbecue food is brilliantly done and their sandwiches are a fantastic way to celebrate your completed quest challenges. Plus you can sit on their stunning patio and watch others get their quest going on Columbia Street.

Patsara Thai


If you are in the mood for Thai food then you simply must try Patsara Thai. This authentic Thai restaurant is a Downtown New West classic, serving meals that always delight. Plus their Thai desserts will absolutely floor you. Unfortunately their absolutely beautiful restaurant is closed to dine in, but they have mastered takeout and even offer free delivery within a five kilometre radius. Patsara is always a good option but pairing it with Quest New West makes it even better.

Come to Downtown New West, complete the six challenges and quest your best with a celebratory meal from any of these restaurants, you simply can’t go wrong. #QuestNewWest

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