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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Questing is hard work, whether you run, bike, dance or walk you’re bound to feel at least a little drained. Not to worry though, if you need a pick-me-up while in Downtown New West there are four magnificent options to choose from this week for #QuestNewWest!

Presented by Douglas College and Downtown New West BIA

Challenges released at noon each Friday here:

Burger Heaven

burger heaven

Do you want an absolutely ridiculous burger? Do you want to enjoy toppings that shouldn’t work on a burger but somehow taste out of this world? Then you need to go to Burger Heaven. Forget putting pineapple on pizza, they throw it on a burger then use two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. The potatoes wedges complement the meal so well that you won’t be entirely sure that they aren’t flirting with you.  Burger Heaven nails that classic diner feel and it's a great place to grab a burger, wedges, milkshakes or even a drink. 

El Santo

el santo

El Santo is a beautiful place that sells quality mexican food and immaculate tacos. The meat is unbelievably juicy and when combined with the sauce is nothing short of artwork. Everything feels completely balanced, from the meat to veggie, sauce to seasoning, tortilla to stuffing, the ratios feel as if they were done by a perfectionist. El Santo serves the best tacos in New West and luckily they are right in the quest area making them extremely convenient for this Friday. 

Chronic Tacos

chronic tacos

Do you need a taco or burrito right now? Like if you wait another five minutes, you’re going to lose your mind? Chronic Tacos can fill that craving and most others by serving you a big, big, burrito. You have a good selection of meat, vegetables, sauces and seasonings that will get your mouth watering before you even bite into that marvelous meal. Chronic will fill you up after Quest New West even if you haven’t eaten in days.

Pizzeria Ludica

pizzeria ludica

Pizzeria Ludica feels fresh out of Europe, the crust is thin with that signature stone oven bubbled crust. Their cheese selection is wider than Columbia street or the average American, meaning that you’ll find the cheese, crust and sauce combination that will knock you off your feet. Pizzeria Ludica is an objectively cool place, so grab a pizza and chomp down some slices, you’ve earned it.

All in all, there are some amazing options available this week so make sure you include them in your quest plan. If you are already a fan of one or all of these restaurants, make sure you post photos from your quest using #QuestNewWest to be entered into a chance to win a $50 to one of them!

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