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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Serving your gourmet kitchen needs

Winning a TV competition isn't the only way to become a master chef. Transform your kitchen abilities with a trip to the market...

Anyone ever spend an afternoon or lazy weekend with their eyes glued to cooking channel? (We're impartial to Barefoot Contessa tbh)

canteen 9

Or ever spot a neat recipe online and are eager to try and see if it really works?

canteen 11

If there is anything we've learned from these places is that the secret to any successful meal is having the right tools to create it!

canteen 4

Thankfully, adding quality pieces to your kitchen is as close as River Market!

canteen 15

photo by @tourismnewwest

Canteen & Supply, a family-owned shop on the River Market 'Hungry Floor,' specializes in all your culinary necessities, for both the foodie newbie and practiced gourmand. 

canteen 1

We had the opportunity to speak with the owner and after a few moments it's apparent that they possess a deep passion for food and cooking. I mean just look at their Instagram...

canteen 3

They explained that it was a shame New West residents were forced to leave town in order to access quality kitchen wares. And thus Canteen & Supply was born.

canteen 2

They've sourced unique products, established an affordable pricing point and have become the only store of its kind in New West! 

canteen 7

As you walk around and browse the racks, it's easily noticeable that the owner is impartial to European flavours. French, Spanish and Italian cookbooks and products are scattered throughout the kiosk.

canteen 6
canteen 16

All of this stems from their love of the region, having travelled there on numerous occasions #LivingTheirBestLife

So when considering your next dinner party or simple meal for one, elevate your culinary prowess with a stop at Canteen & Supply.

Follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more gorgeous photos and their store hours. 


TIP #1 You MUST try their English creamy toffee candies! We dare you to just try one. Prepare to be hooked because those small things are dangerously good.

canteen 12

TIP #2 If you're a chocolate lover and wanting some adventure, then sample their Mink Chocolate bars. Their flavours are incredible!

canteen 14


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