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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Karma Teachers New Westminster opened its doors in October and it's bringing a never before seen model to the New West yoga scene...

KTNW is a satellite of Karma Teachers, the only free / donation-basedstudio in Vancouver. The unusual model ensures the health-enhancing benefits of yoga and meditation are accessible to all, regardless of income.

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KTNW is a partnership between Karma Teachers, Lookout Housing Society, and New West’s Diane Haynes Yoga, and is located at 28 Sixth Street in Lookout’s historic Cliff Block Building.

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Karma Teachers was founded in 2011 by Emerson Lim in the Downtown Eastside.  Called a “karmic millionaire” by Sweat Equity Magazine, Lim says, "I am just a servant of this movement. I get paid in hugs and the most amazing connections . . . If I can create this, imagine what others can do!" Lookout’s Wes Everaars calls the new partnership with Karma Teachers "a natural fit. Given our mutual focus on social welfare, community development and individual wellness, it just made sense."

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New West-based social entrepreneur and yoga teacher Diane Haynes got the satellite project off the ground after practicing yoga for 13 years and graduating from Karma Teachers in 2015. Karma Teachers New West makes health, peace and a sense of belonging a little more accessible to everyone in the city.

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” As for how a free studio could affect the other yoga businesses in New West, Haynes says, “Our experience downtown is that it benefits everyone. Karma Teachers attracts new students, they fall in love with the practice, and they begin to take classes elsewhere as well.” She adds, “The presence of a Karma Teachers studio will make New West a go-to place for yoga and meditation.”

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Classes are listed online and new classes are still being added to the schedule. Karma Teachers New Westminster welcomes applications from local movement teachers and from those interested in volunteering their time and skills.

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Visit karmateachers.com for the fall schedule and find Karma Teachers New West on Facebook and Twitter

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