#RoyalCityGems: Mila & Paige

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sass & Style Spring up on Sixth Street

Paging all fashionistas! Whether you're dressing up for the boardroom or the bistro, find all the hottest pieces right up the street... 

You've definitely heard of Mila + Paige before. Maybe it's their vibrant storefront window on Sixth Street?

mila 1

or maybe their killer Instagram? (@milaandpaige)

mila 7

or maybe it was even their spotlight feature in the paper? Wherever it was, just know that if you haven't visited the store yet...


The boutique, which opened in early 2016, brings west coast style right to New West.

mila 9

Specializing in high quality garments and locally sourced designers, Mila + Paige brings together two distinct styles: Mila - the "classy, sophisticated woman with a flair for fashion" and Paige - the "hip, young, trendsetter."

mila 11

So if you fall into one of those categories or you're something in between, then Mila + Paige is for you. They have everything to complete your fall...





mila 2

 and summer wardrobe. 


Don't even get us started on their accessories. Gurl, we are living for them!

mila 3
mila 4

So stop by and take a peek. Their styles, patterns and silhouettes are one for the books! (Get it? 'Paige'...books)

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