#RoyalCityGems: The Hide Out Cafe

Monday, March 6, 2017

Escape To This Cozy Cafe & Discover Phenomenal Food

We're pulling back the curtain on New West's hidden gem

While it's easy to joke that the Hide Out Cafe is "hidden," a simple scroll through Instagram or an appearance during the lunch time rush, and you realize this place a favourite among locals.


photo courtesy raisedbythesea

From parents eating soups and sammies for lunch with their kids...


photo courtesy smiletoowide

...to students studying for their exams with a cookie and coffee in hand, the Carnarvon Street eatery is woven into the very fabric of the New Westminster community. 


photo courtesy bellamercs

Bringing people together over food and coffee is precisely the inspiration behind The Hide Out Cafe. We had the chance to speak with Melissa, the owner (and fedora-wearer) of the Hide Out Cafe, and her dedication to providing excellence in food and service knows no bounds.


In fact, during our brief chat, Melissa pauses mid-sentence and excuses herself, having noticed that a new customer is ready with their coffee order at the till. And it doesn't stop there. If you decide to eat in, Melissa personally walks your food order to you. When asked why bother with the serving duties, "it's opportunity to connect with customers and see their reaction to the food" she says.


Melissa and her business partner / resident-chef, Grant, emphasize taste and presentation and it's evident in every item that leaves their hands. So head up the hill and grab a bite of this can't-be-missed cafe.


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Things to Know

Almost everything is cooked and baked in-house

Most popular item: Mango Chicken Wrap - chicken, rice, tomato, peppers, red onion, basil, fetal, sesame oil, spinach, sweet chili sauce and a mango dressing. DELICIOUS!


Melissa's recommendation: Chicken Brie Ciabatta Panini - chicken, brie, bacon, roasted apples, garlic mayo, fig jam and fresh thyme.


Our recommendation: The Thai Red Coconut Yam soup.



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