Salvation Army: The Thrift Shop Challenge

Friday, June 28, 2013

Check out what we thrifted at the Salvation Army!

With a small budget and a lot creativity, we set out to find four outstanding oufits for cheap

Thrift Shop Challenge

A wise person once said, “The best time to shop is when you have other pressing work to do” so we decided to go pop some tags and scour the Salvation Army on the corner of Columbia Street and 8th for some new outfits.

Stepping into the Salvation Army and seeing clothes on clothes in so many different aisles and sections stirred up an excitement for us to treasure-hunt through the store to find the best items. We had to do a bit of searching and perusing at first, but soon from the clicks and flicks of hangers emerged a couple of great looking outfits!

Outfit #1


This outfit will have you remembering “oh those summer nights”!

Cardigan: $4.99
Blouse: $5.99
Jeans: $5.99
Flats: $3.99

Our first find was a black blouse with coral Aztec print that we paired with a comfy boho-reminiscent cardigan - perfect for an evening grabbing a bite at the River Market & walking along the Quay and around Downtown New West.

Outfit #2


A fresh outfit for everyday summer wear.

Blouse: $4.99
Shorts: $4.99
Sandals: $3.99
Purse: $5.99
Necklace: $3.99
Cuff bracelet: $3.99

All the pieces of this outfit rival the finds at any brand name store - truly the spoils of a successful treasure hunt. We picked up this season’s must-haves: cute accessories, lace top, and distressed denim. Bring it on, sunshine!

Outfit #3


An outfit that can go straight from the office to dinner date

Rain Jacket:$9.99
Dress Shirt: $5.99
Tie: $2.99
Pants: $3.99
Loafers: $9.99

Yes, even in the summer, you’ll need a rain jacket. That is the peril of living in Metro Vancouver (at least you don’t have to worry about watering your lawn!). The blue oxford and red tie give this outfit a collegiate look that is sure to turn heads at the office...but more importantly catch the attention of your date when you take her to dinner; perhaps at Wild Rice?

Outfit #4


Classic summer outfit for drinks on a patio, porch, or anywhere!

Polo: $5.99
Shorts: $5.99
Boat Shoes: $14.99

The weekend is finally here, the weather is hot, and nothing sounds better than a cold drink on a patio. Sport this sharp navy polo with some equally sharp looking shorts. The boat shoes ground the outfit and make it feel like summer. Head to The Hops’ covered patio, kick back, and enjoy the hot weather (fingers crossed).


There’s no doubt that thrifting can be tiring, but the thrill of finding that perfect piece or creating a custom outfit (for cheap!) is exhilarating. So stop whatever productive work you’re doing and go thrifting.

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