Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastic Items!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

What’s better than having a cold drink in the middle of a fiery summer afternoon? This summer at Downtown New West, not only can you enjoy a variety of cold drinks in local restaurants, you can also contribute to making the world a better place. O n e cup at a t i m e !

Environmental movements like no-straw and no plastic bag campaigns are slowly gaining momentum in Downtown New West. These single use items threaten the lives of sea animals — they cost money and resources to produce. They are hard to, if not impossible, to be recycled. Even worse, they are not necessary majority of the time.

It is our collective responsibility to protect the beautiful environment we live in. Let’s join these businesses in this growing movement! #NoStraw2018

Rain City Juicery

BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug)! There is a $1 upcharge on cups if customers do not provide their own mug. If you want to be environmentally friendly and SAVE MONEY, bring your favorite mug when visiting them. They also sell 2L refillable jugs when you buy in bulk.


De Dutch

De Dutch also caught on to the movement and have replaced all plastic creamers with adorable refillable mini milk pails!


Hops North West Pub

Hops has minimized their use of straws overall. Customers can still get biodegradable straws made of cornstarch upon request.


Kelly O’Bryans

Kelly O’Bryans has been in the environmental game for a long time. Over the years, they have phased out plastic portion cups, as well as introduced biodegradable bags and to-go boxes. This year, they are stepping up their game by providing compostable and biodegradable straws if customers make the request.



Bobacabana rolled out an eco-campaign,"Recycle, Reduce, Reuse" last month, and hope to become waste free by next year, 2019. They have revamped the customer utensil station for easier recycling of plastic cups and lids. They're committed to reuse anything they can. Best of all - you get a discount if you bring your own mug!


Hub Restaurant

Hub Restaurant has also jumped on board. They have begun hiding straws and only provide them upon request!


Great Wall Tea

This list won’t be complete without this hidden gem at River Market. In addition to switching to compostable straws made from plants, they also provide compostable hot drink cups and recyclable cold cups.



Starbucks is removing plastic straws in their stores globally by 2020 — reducing more than 1 billion plastic straws per year from their stores. New straw-less lids are replacing the plastic straws.


Yay to ditching plastic items! If you know any other businesses that have implemented environmental initiatives in Downtown New West, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! #downtownnewwest

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