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Thursday, July 18, 2013

SHOP DOG: ZORRO from Zoom Hair Salon

2013 BIA Summer Ambassadors encounter the cuteness behind the black, brown and white "mask" of Zorro the wiener dog, Zoom Hair Salon's trusty guard dog.

 We made an early morning appointment to meet Natalie Petcu and her shop dog Zorro at Zoom Hair Studio.

Little Zorro’s reputation for being way too adorable preceded him – Michael and I heard a lot about the dachshund from BIA Program & Events Coordinator Maddi, as well as Executive Director Kendra, who frequents the salon for haircuts and Zorro time. Apparently, they’re not the only ones who visit for “animal therapy” (as Natalia called it). Zoom Hair Studio patrons are so used to seeing Zorro every day that they look for him upon entering and drop by to say hi even when they don’t need a haircut!


 Zorro’s calm disposition matches the relaxed ambience of the chic salon. Described as “super social” by Natalia, he seems to enjoy the company of guests at his second home, Zoom. While we were chatting with Natalia, Zorro sat by our feet and allowed us to pet his groomed, silky soft fur before walking around the shop and deciding on a sunny spot for a nap. He even stayed still to let us snap a couple photos and I’m surprised he didn’t strike a pose - Zorro’s got style! Apparently when people come in for an appointment, Zorro goes to the door to greet them, lays down on his bed during their appointment, and then emerges to examine (for “quality control”, Natalia joked) their new style. You’ll always leave Zoom with Zorro-approval!

Zoom Hair Studio offers hair and day spa services by a team of passionate and experienced stylists with a commitment to excellent customer service and environmental sustainability. They have been in business for one year now and both Natalia and Zorro seem to love the salon life in Downtown New Westminster. Natalia was so warm and welcoming to us and it was wonderful to visit her and get to know more about shop dog, Zorro.

 - Jessica G.

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