Spud Shack: the Pinnacle of North American Cuisine

Thursday, January 14, 2021

French fries, the final result of thousands of years of potato evolution all done in the hopes of one day ending up in a Spud Shack poutine and honestly, we’re pretty sure it was worth the effort. 

Spud Shack makes more than just poutine, they also make some astoundingly good burgers and of course superb fries.



Oh man how do we even start to describe these fries? They’re hot, salty, roasty, flavorful and soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. They are something out of a dream. They come in a big cone, which is frankly the best way to eat anything that is easy to carry and even easier to share. The portions are huge and the fries are top quality, what more could you want?



Effin Good Burger – this burger, much like the German word Geschäft, means business. It may be one of the messiest burgers we’ve ever eaten, it’s just so juicy and layered in condiments and an excellent sauce. There is a thick layer of cheese that will stretch all the way from the table to your mouth that when combined with seasoning and char is a remarkable experience. To top it all off is a sturdy bun that does everything in its power to contain the burger goodness. The burger, fries and drink combo are huge and could give even a five-star restaurant a run for its money.


poutine spud

Let’s say you want to take these immaculate fries and somehow make them even better, how is that possible you ask? Simple, make poutine. Spud Shack does not mess around when it comes to poutine, they have tons of different options with tons of different ingredients that work together perfectly. Take for example the Night Market Poutine that combines ginger beef, kimchi, crispy wontons and green onions, does that not sound life changing? Perhaps most impressive though, is that Spud Shack does not fall into any of the fatal poutine mistakes. The cheese stays incredibly hot and evenly spread, and the fries don’t taste or feel soggy in the least. We’re not sure how they do it but it's deeply impressive.

Spud Shack is one hell of a place, great burgers, great fries, and simply insane poutine, could you ask for anything more? Spud Shack is located at Shops at New West and mere steps away from the sky train so why not grab some today? Oh and can't forget, they're offering DoorDash delivery! Now you can have some delicious Spuds delivered right to your door!

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