The Gang’s All Here – Getting to Know Your Downtown New West BIA

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We at the BIA work hard behind-the-scenes to promote local businesses! We’re not a mysterious cabal of robots or anything (Promise!) – we’re everyday folk from all walks of life, helping keep downtown fun and vital!

In fact, don’t take it from me, sourceless narrator – why not meet the team yourself?



Kendra Johnston (Executive Director)

BIA Profile Blog - Kendra Johnston

               “I feel so grateful to have been here at the BIA over the past six and half years. This is my dream job; the people of this community inspire and motivate me daily to continue to make things happen in Downtown New West. We’ve accomplished a lot and seen a lot of changes, with even more to come.”

Angie Whitfield (Programs & Events Manager)


               “I love that I get to create programs and events in my home community; a community that wholeheartedly embraces the work we do. We work with terrific business owners, sponsors and partners, and together we are really able to make things happen in Downtown New West. Seeing our lofty ideas come to fruition is always fun!”

Christina Florian (Digital Marketing Coordinator)


               “It's fun finding creative ways to use social media for storytelling. I love supporting our local businesses through digital platforms, showing how our city is blooming. Downtown New West is a small community with good vibes all around; it's exciting to see it evolve. Tons of great things are coming our way!”


Our 2018 Summer Ambassadors

Anna Jensen


               “I’m a Joint Political Science & Economics Major from SFU, and a major foodie/book nerd. Though I live in Surrey, I like getting to know New West and working with great local businesses (It’s looking like a great place to relocate)! It’s been a real highlight supporting our team in coordinating stellar events downtown!”

Emily Leung


               “I’m a UBC Geography major living in Surrey, and good food’s my passion: I love how welcoming places like Bruncheria & Hive City have been since I started. Working in a community like Downtown New West has been really positive, though I’m still too knee-deep in preparation to feel accomplished just yet!”

Esmond Chong


               “I’m a newcomer to New West, having moved to the Lower Mainland from Manitoba last year for SFU’s Communications program. Since I joined the team in May, I’ve been absorbing everything there’s to know about downtown: between the geeky spots and sandwich shops, I’ve definitely found my perfect summer home!”

Taryn Sing


               “I’ve worked here in Downtown New West for the past five years, and I love engaging with everything this community has to offer. I’m a Communications & Sociology major at SFU and live in Coquitlam, but my dream is to eventually live here (Calling it now: getting a place in Queensboro and buying a speedboat)!”


That’s our team! If you’re feeling social, come on by to one of our many summer events and say hi! BIA, signing out!

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