The Soup-er Spots To Find Some Quality Soup

Friday, January 20, 2017

Top 10 Best: Soup Spots in DT New West

We SOUP-pose it could be the best you've ever had

It's a hard job but someone's got to do it! We've done our homework and assembled a few of the best soups in Downtown New West.


photo courtesy eddie.quintana


Columbia Street Sandwich Company


Our recommendation: cream of potato soup

This beauty is on the menu quite frequently but if not, there hasn't been a soup we haven't liked! Enjoy a bowl for under $4.


Find their info HERE


North Noodle House


photo courtesy drinkvicariously

Our recommendation: chicken noodle soup

Although we love the Dan-Dan Noodles this soup is a close second. This spin on traditional chicken noodle soup will cure that cold in no time.


photo courtesy yvrfood

Get their info HERE


Pamola Bakery


photo courtesy @pamolabakery

Our recommendation: tortilla soup

By far the best tortilla soup we've ever had, enough said. Try it for yourself in River Market's Food Hall. Then treat yourself to dessert right after!


photo courtesy @pamolabakery

Get their info HERE


Wild Rice


photo courtesy celebratelifesadventures

Our recommendation: Butternut Squash & Leek Soup

It's vegan, it's gluten-free and it's creamy amazingness.


photo courtesy yasmin_abidi

Get their info HERE


The Hide Out Cafe


photo courtesy thehideoutcafe

Our recommendation: creamy smoked tomato and corn chowder

Their soups pair perfectly with a panini or one of their signature wraps. They also have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. Like the Columbia Street Sandwich Company, there isn't a soup we don't like.


photo courtesy thehideoutcafe

Get their info HERE


Patsara Thai


Our recommendation: Tom Yum Soup

This Thai classic is sure to be a fan favourite. The lemongrass and lime leaves keep it fresh and sour, and the spice gives it a nice kick.


photo courtesy patsarathai

Get their info HERE


El Santo


photo courtesy elsantonewwest

Our recommendation: Sopa Azteca

Sure to keep you warm on a cold day. It's made fresh with pulled chicken, avocado, and more in a chili tomato broth.


photo courtesy elsantonewwest

Get their info HERE


Pho Pho You


photo courtesy judymccluskey

Our recommendation: No. 1 - Classic Pho Tai

This pho places is new to the neighborhood but we could not be more obsessed. We're slowly working our way through the menu and everything's delicious!


Get their info HERE


The Boathouse


photo courtesy @theboathouserestaurants

Our recommendation: West Coast Seafood Chowder

It's creamy and hearty and filled with nothing but fresh seafood.


photo courtesy Hubert Y.

Get their info HERE


Longtail Kitchen


photo courtesy @longtailkitchen

Our recommendation: Hot & Soup Coconut Mushroom Soup

The name says it all, plus it includes clams. If seafood's not your thing, they have lots of other meat and curry options for every palate on special.


photo courtesy @longtailkitchen

Get their info HERE


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