Top 10 Best: Boats on the Fraser

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Grab a seat because our river is non stop action

The raging waters, the picturesque views, and the constant stream of boats make the Fraser River one of DT New West's signature attractions...

The waterway is one of the province's biggest assets stretching over 2,600km, making it Canada's 10th longest river.

DT New West holds a centre stage to all the action and therefore we give you 10 of the coolest boat shots on the Fraser River!

1) blue skies

boats 1

photo by @thefrdc

2) pop of yellow

boats 3

3) soldier watching over

boats 4

photo by @perfectopia

4) early morning sunrise

boats 6

photo by @ericjhogan

5) hard at work

boats 7

photo by @derrick1_vancouver

6) orange sunsets

boats 8

photo by @sarafaustman

7) spotted through the trees

boats 9

photo by @karin_mann14

8) New West vistas

boats 12

photo by @theashtee

9) flying the flag

boats 14

photo by @amberontheair

10) view from the top

boats 15

photo by @amberontheair

Have any other photos that you think we missed? Send them to us on facebooktwitter or instagram!

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