Top 10 Best: Study Spots in DT New West

Friday, October 7, 2016


Escape the distractions of home and start focusing in these productive spaces. PLUS, find out the tips we recommend for each place...

#1 Old Crow Coffee

study 3

photo by @sammmantha5290

 Bring your laptop because this place is a classic. Located off the corner of Mackenzie & Front, Old Crow has the right atmosphere to stimulate the working mind.

*We recommend: a cup of coffee with their signature sammies for lunch.

study 2

photo by @oldcrowcoffeeco

Get their info HERE


#2 River Market Food Hall

study 4

photo by vickychang0521

While you might associate River Market as busy and not at all condusive for work, the mornings in particular are perfectly relaxed. The seating is plush, the views are great and it's the ideal spot for a much-needed food break.

*We recommend: a warming cup of tea from Great Wall Tea Company.

study 5

photo by hudsonny


#3 The Coffee Bar

study 7

The new-ish coffee joint is another foolproof option for completing that last minute assignment. Find solace at one of the individual tables or work alongside others at their long wooden table in the middle.

* We recommend: one of their gluten free energy bars for a guilt-free snack.

study 6

Get their info HERE 


#4 Starbucks

study 8

photo by starbuckscanada

I mean duh! It's a go-to for any neighborhood. DT New West has four to choose from.

We recommend: Starbucks on Columbia St or at Columbia Square Plaza for their extra bit of room.


#5 Waves Coffee

study 9

photo by mercuryyuki

The aroma of java is sure to activate the creative mind needed for your final paper. Waves on corner of Begbie and Columbia has plenty of room and you're sure to find other working campers.

Get their info HERE


#6 The Network Hub

study 12

It says it all in their name. Their whole business is providing professional work spaces for those in need of one. Find them on the upper floor of River Market

We recommend: a seat and table close to the windows for a gorgeous view of Fraser River.

Get their info HERE


#7 Rain City Juicery

study 10

photo by jaimadoodle

Their cozy nook is ideal for reading, whether it's a work report or a weekly reading for class.

We recommend: stay energized with a smoothie or a healthy juice like the New Beets (our personal favourite).

study 11

photo by joethedaycook

Get their info HERE


#8 Douglas College

study 13

photo by douglascollege

The work stations are of course everywhere! Not to mention, you'll be in the zone with everyone around you also studying / working.


#9 The Hide Out Cafe

study 16

photo by gettinshifdone

Enjoy the warmth and coziness of this cute cafe on Carnarvon. Study at the bar or work from a table.

We recommend: grab one of their to-die-for soups or dig into one of their wraps to stay well fed.

study 15

photo by diyonzi

Get their info HERE


#10 The Many New West Bars

No one ever said you can't grab a drink and work / study at the same time. We're thinking the Met Bar & Grill or Judge Begbie's Tavern.


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