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#230- 618 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada, V3M 1A5



Health Staffing International provides a full range of health care staffing to hospitals and care facilities.

Health Staffing works with facilities and hospitals throughout British Columbia and in other areas of Canada. Our team includes Registered Nurses, Psychiatric Nurses, Licenced Practical Nurses, Certified Care Aides, as well as a number of other professional aides and service staff.

In the area of nursing, we aim to build our company into a "Nursing Gateway," a one-stop waystation for nurses in their pursuit of career opportunities, be they in Canada or around the world, be they in hospital, geriatric, or community settings.

In the area of health care staffing, we aim to provide a full range of work options, support, education and resources for staff, clients, and communities.

Our management team is qualified and experienced in facility and Health Care Agency Administration. Health Staffing ensures that our clients' staffing needs are supported by properly qualified individuals.

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