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Our materials are carefully sourced from USA, Austria, Portugal, Canada, Turkey, Czech Republic, Thailand, and Israel. We work hard to ensure each locket is made from vegan, non-allergenic, quality materials while priced as low as possible to be accessible to all! We do not use semi-precious or precious stones so to be a little less harmful to the Earth and to avoid all conflict gems. Instead, we use Swarovski Crystals that are still made ethically in Austria.

We hire local Moms who are hesitant to go back to work and feel isolated. Our goal is to give them the confidence and courage they need to believe they are more than fit for the workplace. Our happy place is actually when our Moms find their wings and take off to school or bigger workplaces ;) As we grow, we hope to help a greater group of people who might find themselves feeling isolated, mentally or physically.

We give 10% of all sales to Programs that help Moms with Postpartum Depression.

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