Club Push International Performing Arts Festival

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Date: Every week on Friday
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street
This event has completed.

3 Show Package Price A LIMITED NUMBER OF PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE. CALL 604-521-5050 TO BOOK A PACKAGE. or use the event's website above to purchase tickets for an individual performance About the 2018 program: Dickie Beau (England) January 20 at 8pm Club Push at Anvil Centre Presented with Push International Peformance Festival Versatile, vivacious and flamboyant, Dickie Beau is a drag artist extraordinaire, whose lip-synch playback performances have helped update the drag show tradition. A true innovator, he employs miming techniques and uses found sound to create hauntingly beautiful effects. This creative alchemy has made him a major force in contemporary theatre. Here the troubadour’s mask drops, and we get to know the real Dickie. Speaking in his own voice, he dishes on his artistic journey and lays bare his technique. Call it a one-man variety show. Joseph Keckler (USA) January 26 at 8pm Club Push at Anvil Centre Presented with Push International Performance Festival Vocal virtuoso, charming raconteur, master prose stylist—Joseph Keckler is all the above and more. This artistically ambidextrous performer can boast so many talents it’s a wonder he’s so modest. Performing monologues and singing opera, torch and pop, he demonstrates a range of skills and a breadth of knowledge that might seem monumental if it weren’t put across with so much humble charm. Cris Derksen (Canada) February 2 at 8pm Club Push at Anvil Centre Presented with Push International Performance Festival Some music simply has to be heard to be understood. You can list the constituent parts, break it down genre by genre but, in the end, analysis doesn’t come close to doing it justice; understanding the sound intellectually and experiencing it physically are two different things. Juno Nominated Cris Derksen’s cello-based music isn’t hard to describe in the abstract. After years collaborating with orchestral, folk and pop bands, Tanya Tagaq, Buffy Sainte- Marie, Kinnie Starr, E.S.L, Lightning Dust, and others, her solo work and compositions are now centred on blending Western classical and traditional pow-wow music with contemporary electronic accents. But the power of that combination, and the skill with which she pulls it off, create music that words alone can’t do justice to.

Club Push International Performing Arts Festival

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