8 New Businesses Opening in Downtown New West

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ah, crisp air and pretty leaves... With the change of seasons comes a chance to try something new. Check out these 8 businesses that will be opening this fall in Downtown New West!

1. Charm & Champagne Beauty Studio
Now open at 554 Columbia Street


Who doesn’t like to be pampered? A head massage with essential oils to start is an A+ in our books! Whether you need a trim, wash, styling or blow-out, you (and your hair) will be kept in good hands.

2. Accurate Nails & Spa
Now open at 769 Carnarvon Street


It's almost October which means holiday parties are upon us. Nails and toes must be on point. Choose from a wide range of colors and treat yourself to a mani-pedi (get a facial while you're at it). You're bound to find something you like: from gel-polish, acrylic to gel and regular - OR get yourself a full set of glitter if you’re feeling like a real party animal!

3. Hive City Cafe
Now open at 609 Front Street


We all know Hive City and their amazing cardboard cut-outs. Now that it's sweater weather, you can stop by their new coffee shop and keep warm with a cup of joe from Pallet Coffee Roasters. Don't forget to dunk a hazelnut shortbread cookie from Half Baked Cookie Co for an even sweeter treat!

4. Craft Café
Now open at 105-810 Quayside Drive


You'll make cool crafts that will satisfy your creative cravings at any of the drop-sessions or workshops. While they’re not a café in a traditional sense, you’ll find a selection of treats in-store including cold brew coffee and handmade candy. Foster your creative spirit!

5. Hyack Sushi
Opens this fall at 55 8th Street


Just steps away from the New West Skytrain Station will be a traditional Japanese joint. Not only will they have an assortment of sushi, but other dishes as well. Chicken Teriyaki anyone? Hyack Sushi will also offer a party room where up to 15 people can be served; be sure to book your next party here! Good vibes + good food = a good time.
Follow them on Facebook to find out when exactly they'll be opening in September.

6. Piva Modern Italian
Opens this fall at 787 Columbia Street


We were lucky enough to get a taste of Piva's fine Italian cuisine at our summer's night market, Fridays on Front as well as Piva on the Pier for the launch of Feast on the Fraser. One word: Magnifico. Who can say no to pasta and pizza? We sure can’t! Our tummies are happy to know they'll be coming to the hood at Anvil Centre. We can’t wait to get our hands (and mouths) on these delicious carbs. Your taste buds will thank you.

7. Kelly and Carlos O’Bryan’s
Opens this fall at 800 Columbia Street (the old Keg space)


Touch of the Irish! This location, what used to be the old Keg space, fits their classic Irish Heritage to a tee. You'll be able to enjoy delicious food and unwind with a beer (or three), and you can eat FREE on your birthday. Um.. yes please! Rumor is end of November. They are now looking to hire over 100 total staff for this location. If you're interested, you can apply here and join the team.

8. Pizzeria Ludica
Opens this fall at the corner of Carnarvon and Sixth


This is not just your regular pizza place. Pizzeria Ludica combines their love for board games and great food into one experience. Whether it’s your favorite board game as a kid or discovering a brand new one, you’ll have a blast rolling the dice and munching away!

Go on, explore and discover these new shops and restaurants this fall. You'll be happy you did!

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