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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Shine Bright Downtown this winter! 

As we approach the darkest days of a challenging year, we are calling on you to shine with us. As part of a citywide initiative, we are encouraging businesses and residents to light up their homes and storefront to show how resilient, connected, and bright New Westminster is and always will be.   

Downtown New Westminster will be doing their part shining extra bright for 2020. As always, the Columbia Street trees will be twinkling, the Royal City Swag will be proudly hung at Sixth Street and Floralume will be playing on Front Street. But new this year, you'll find some extra twinkle and sparkles within the Downtown!

Bundle up and mask up with your immediate household to come discover the bright lights in Downtown New West. While exploring make sure to pop into the local businesses for drinks, shopping or just to say hi. Those businesses have all worked extremely hard to ensure your visit will be safe.

Please note: Until at least January 8th, gatherings or socials of any kind are not permitted. Activities included as part of Shine Bright should also be done with your immediate household only as defined by public health orders. Non-essential travel to New Westminster is also not recommended.

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Wait for Me Daddy
Wait for Me Daddy at Hyack Square: commissioned by the City of New Westminster, Wait for Me Daddy is a war memorial based on The Vancouver Province photographer Claude P. Dettloff’s iconic 1940s photograph, Wait for Me Daddy. The unique sculpture lights up at night in various colours. For more information visit
Hyack Square
Candycombs at Hyack Square: The Candycombs in Hyack Square were created for Downtown New Westminster by Monkey C Interactive. This new interactive piece was designed to bring some light to the community during a dark time. They’re bright, they have a fun tropical feel, and they play whimsical music while they light up. Built using 2,000 pounds of steel and sound-responsive LED lights, they’re solid, safe and oh so sweet.
Enjoy this selfie station, take a photo with your immediate household and hashtag #ShineBrightNewWest and #ShineBrightDowntown
Floralume on Front Street: transforms the emergency staircase outside Old Crow Coffee on Front Street into an interactive sculpture that consists of reclaimed street lamps that produce soft light and sound when touched. Read more here
Front Street Mews
Catenary Lights on Front Street: when the Front Street parkade was decommissioned and the Front Street Mews was created in 2018, the exciting installation of the catenary lighting completed this incredible public space. Read more:
Enjoy this selfie station, take a photo with your immediate household and hashtag #ShineBrightNewWest and #ShineBrightDowntown
Swag Lighting
Crown Swag Light: a number of swag lights adorned the Downtown when Columbia Street was known as the Golden Mile in the 1950s. In 2014, the City installed just one swag light with a commemorative crown to pay homage to that time in our history.  Read more:
Catenary Lighting
Enjoy the trees all along Columbia Street lit up with extra starbursts for the holiday season.
SHINE at 502 Columbia Street: in collaboration with the Purpose Society, the Downtown New West BIA and Warner Bros. have installed “SHINE” in the old Army and Navy space. We hope that this installation brings you some hope and joy this holiday season.  You can also visit the Overdose Memorial at this space, The New Westminster Overdose Community Action Team – Peer Network has assembled a memorial to commemorate the many lives that have been lost to the overdose crisis. learn more here: New Westminster Overdose CAT (@projectoverdose) • Instagram photos and videos
Header Shine Bright

Shine Bright Downtown is presented by the Downtown New West BIA in partnership with the City of New Westminster. Sponsorship was provided by Port of Vancouver and Warner Brothers; both continue to support our community even during these challenging times.   

Shine Bright New West is a city wide initiative, see more at 

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