Cheat Sheet for A Perfect Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Get to know the inside scoop on how to nail every detail of Thanksgiving this year! 

If you love nothing more than breaking bread with your close loved ones, your holiday is right around the corner; it's Thanksgiving! This year, we're breaking down how to make the most of this day that's all about food, family & friends and gratitude.  

Doing Your Delicious Dinner Right 

Okay, so if you're too caught up in other aspects of your life to be able to host a dinner at home, that's fine! Luckily for you, some very talented chefs in the city are cooking up turkey dinners to serve you a full thanksgiving experience and yes! There's plenty of gravy!

At The Boathouse, you can enjoy a delectable meal by the moonlight over the beautiful waterfront. This delight comes for $32 per person.

To reserve a table or inquire about The Boathouse, give them a call at 604-525-3474.


At El Santo, they're putting together an exciting Mexican twist on their Thanksgiving meal, with chorizo-stuffed cornbread & turkey galantine with sofrito. It's a must-have for anyone who wants a different taste this thanksgiving while keeping the cozy spirit of the day alive.

To reserve a table or inquire about El Santo, give them a call at 604-553-1849.


A wonderful patio will also be open at the Met Bar & Grill if you're feeling like having Thanksgiving outdoors too (but don't worry, they have tables inside as well!). Not only are they offering an amazing Turker Dinner, but a decadent pumpkin pie as well!

To reserve a table or inquire about Met Bar & Grill, give them a call at 604-520-1967.   


The Best Last-Minute Gift

Preparing for Thanksgiving is a lot of work, your host will know. So, when you slide in the door on Monday with a bottle of wine for everyone to sip on through the night, they will be singing your praises all dinner long! Wine makes for a perfect last-minute gift, especially with thanksgiving being only a few days away. Getting your bottle from a local store like Pacific Breeze or Harbour Wine & Spirits is a generous form of gratitude during this season and an even better treat for your dinner! The Wine Factory is also an amazing winery where you can make batches of your own wine and then enjoy them over the winter holidays!


Make it Memorable

Alright now, Thanksgiving isn’t only about food (but we’re open for debate) you also want to have fun! So, what's better than a board game with your favourite people? Rain City Games has a wide selection of games that will create laughter, suspense and celebration at your thanksgiving gathering that you’ll remember for years to come.


Lastly, on a day that’s really all about gratitude, getting your loved ones a thank you card couldn’t be more apt. Re-visiting personalized cards given to us by people always reminds us how much we mean in other people's lives, so why not spread that experience to people who mean so much to you? Shops like Good Omen & Found Boutique (which carry cards crafted by local artisans) all have witty & heartwarming templates for you to follow up with your sweet message.


After reading through our tips, you should be good to go for a splendid Thanksgiving. We hope you found this helpful!

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