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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

12 Pieces That Stand Out In the City

Art Thou Impressed?

At Westminster Pier Park...

#1 WOW New Westminster


photo courtesy treeboi

The 140-foot installation officially opened in late 2015. It's made of four 40-foot containers, weighing roughly 34,000 lbs, and is an interpretation "of the economic activity of the Fraser River."


#2 The Blues Trees

The art project, spearheaded by Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, is an international award winning initiative that brings "environmental consciousness and social action together through community participation." It's meant to
"raise social consciousness about the role of trees as the lungs of the world."


photo courtesy jdemaria


photo courtesy tropicana_604


#3 Love Locks

The chain fence along the Fraser River at Westminster Pier Park is feeling the love with couples attaching locks. The concept was first seen in Paris and it has since spread around the world. 



At River Market / the Quay

#4 Tin Soldier


photo courtesy steelandoak

In 2011, the City of New Westminster purchased the World's Tallest Tin Soldier. It represents a Sergeant Major of the Royal Engineers Columbia Detachment.


It was designed to be "a special friend to all children and remind them to open their hearts and help others less fortunate."


#5 Orca on the Quay


photo courtesy newwest365

This colourful orca sculpture was donated to the city after the Vancouver 2010 winter games.


#6 Public Furniture | Urban Trees


photo courtesy Vancouver Biennale


Along Columbia Street...

#7 Columbia Street Mosaics


Spot the nine mosaics that run along Columbia Street, between Fourth Street and Eighth Street. The (literal) pieces of art display themes of the Chinese community, the Gold Rush history as well as the Great Fire of 1898, to name a few.


#8 Mural beside Army & Navy



#9 rorschach/sentinel


photo courtesy missbiliana

This project is based on a profile of a large merchant ship that was vital to the Allied war effort. Such ships docked at the New Westminster port and contributed to the labour history and economic development of the city.


#10 'Wait for me, Daddy'


photo courtesy gadabouttown

Commissioned by the City of New Westminster, Wait for me Daddy is a war memorial based on Vancouver Province photographer Claude P. Dettloff’s famous 1940s picture, Wait for Me Daddy.


Along Sixth Street...

#11 Art in the Streets - Banners


This community public art program aims to highlight local artists and enhance the public space.  This year’s selected artist is Rob “Shockk” Matharu whose designs will be exhibited on street banners along 6th Street, from Columbia Street to 5th Avenue.



#12 Cenotaph at City Hall


photo courtesy jonathanxcote

The cenotaph, located in Memorial Plaza, commemorates members of the Armed Services and Merchant Navy who gave their lives in the service of Canada. The cenotaph was unveiled in 1922 near the corner of McBride Boulevard and Columbia St. Later it was moved close to the entrance to the Pattullo Bridge, and then to its current location when this City Hall was built.


photo courtesy lozan1972

Included are names from World War I, World War II, Korean War, Merchant Navy, and Peacekeeping Members.


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cover photo courtesy hallocarrie

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