Floralume: Everything You Need To Know About The Newest Art Installation

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the new innovative and interactive public art installation, “Floralume”. Floralume is a public art piece that found its new home in Downtown New West.

Presented by the City of New West and produced by Monkey C Interactive, Floralume beat 41 other submissions worldwide. Not only does it enhance the overall attractiveness of the public space around the structure, it also creates a sense of place in the neighboring community on Front Street.

It’s fun to play with and Instagram-worthy, come check it out!


The concept behind this design is to transform the industrial stairwell into an organic and lively structure, by intertwining vines and having florals blooming throughout. It looks absolutely stunning at night!


Unlike other art installations which you can only admire from afar, Floralume is the one that draws you close and invites you to play. Simply pat the “petals” beneath the stairwell, you'll be able to change the colors throughout the sculpture + melodious music from nearby speakers. If you aren't a musician, don't worry -- Floralume has the magic to turn any notes you make fit seamlessly together. Perfect for people of all ages and at all musical skill levels.


The whole installation of petals and vines are made from reclaimed and re-purposed street lights and steel conduit, collected through the City of Victoria. You can find the installation at the corner of McKenzie and Front Street in Downtown New Westminster right in front of The Wine Factory and Old Crow Coffee Co.


This installation is an awesome addition to New West, wouldn't you agree? If you're interested in learning more about Floralume, click here.

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