Hot Choco: A Go-To Cold Weather Treat

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hot chocolate can be enjoyed all year round, but why not cozy up at one of these spots in Downtown New West during these cold fall months? (Let's be real, who can resist a warm cup of chocolatey goodness on a rainy day?)

As one of the most popular foods in the whole world, chocolate is known for its addictive qualities. Chocolate drinks date back to about 2500 years ago, with modern sweet versions of the drink coming to popularity in 17th century Europe.

Chocolate based beverages are enjoyed all across the world, and all across Downtown New Westminster. Hot chocolate is a sweet treat that can be found in our local coffee shops, prepared in many different ways.

Tre Galli Gelato | 121-810 Quayside Drive


Available to go, or sit in, with or without whip. A perfectly sweetened beverage to warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth. This cup was too beautiful to add whip to. Tip: Pair it with the amaretti cookie and enjoy the great view of the river.

Old Crow Coffee Co. || 655 Front St


Best described as rich cocoa goodness in a cup and best enjoyed in their cafe surrounded by heritage brick walls. This is a great place to meet a friend or enjoy a cup solo.

Ninja Bubble Tea || River Market


Did somebody say Nutella? Yup, Ninja Bubble tea did! That’s right, they have nutella hot cocoa. Everyone knows how great hazelnut and chocolate go together, who knew you could have everything you always wanted in a hot beverage. You can make it extra rich and add whip for only 50 cents. Go ahead and indulge!

Hive Cafe || 609 Front St


This giant mug of hot chocolate will sure warm you up on a cold day and it is big enough to cure any sweet tooth! Those cocoa swirls on top? Yeah this is definitely picture-perfect.

Donald's Market || 130 – 810 Quayside Drive


Maybe you prefer not to leave your home because you want to lounge in your PJ's, we understand! Donald's Market has a huge selection of hot chocolate mixes, cocoa powders and a variety of dairy and non-dairy milks for your make-at-home cup of hot chocolate. So many choices, you won't be disappointed!

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