Spectacular New Media Gallery in Downtown New West!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Mesmerizing visuals displayed through state-of-the-art technology, enchanting sounds that linger in your imagination, art that tells the beautiful stories of the human experience ...

All found in the spectacular and sensory-provoking New Media Gallery in Downtown New Westminster!


(Exhibition: TRACE 2018)

Paralleling our world that’s ever-changing by technology, the stunning New Media Gallery with FREE ADMISSION showcases art that lights up, responds, and communicates. Be prepared to have your jaw drop in awe as you absorb new media art that reflects our contemporary world and sheds light on the past!


(Exhibition: POPart 2015)

Conveniently located only steps away from the New West skytrain station on the 3rd floor of the breathtaking Anvil Centre, NMG’s provocative exhibitions from some of the world’s most significant artists exemplifies the dynamic cultural hub that Downtown New West is!

It’s no wonder that NMG is one of the most attended galleries in British Columbia and has achieved an international profile!

With five amazing exhibitions that’s run by Director-Curator team Gordon Duggan and Sarah Joyce each year, here’s a peek at NMG’s current exhibition “TRACE” until July 1.


Trace presents four works from six artists. Each work details complex human-technological interactions. The representation of a face or the translation of a body to lines, marks and signals gives us insights into the way machines imagine, see, learn and remember us. Contained in this process/system is the trace of our human/technological existence. Over time we have developed technologies to make interpretive marks through systems such as drawing media, perspective, printing, code. As we develop deeper understandings of these technologies we increasingly merge with them. This exhibition speaks to the complex relationships developing between makers and technologies and looks at the marks we leave. 
This mesmerizing exhibit features the following international and local artists from Paris, London, Berlin, Montreal and Tokyo!


(Exhibition: TRACE 2018)

One of the installations by Patrick Tresset, consists of five robots named Paul who draw a seated human model. Book your portrait sittings here.

The New Media Gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday (10am-5pm) and Thursdays (10am-8pm) - drop by solo, or with family and friends to experience the provocative gallery that’s taking on the world!

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