Top 10 Best: Bathrooms in DT New West

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

No. 1 Guide to Going No. 2

Which ones are free, which ones have ambiance + more crap to care about!

1) The Spud Shack - $

Don't expect shack-like standards for this one. The unisex bathroom boasts a wild wall display, mood lighting and overall favourable ambiance.


2) Pandora's Locks - $

Step into a Romanesque room of whimsy when you visit this bathroom. Ivy grows up the walls, and hands are used to catch soap. You'll wish you were locked in!


3) The Hub - $$

Walk past their New West graffiti wall to access these sleek stalls. If you've had one too many, they keep their lighting dark and moody for your beer goggles.


4) River Market - FREE

Simple, clean and multiple stalls both upstairs and downstairs. Your best bet when close to New Westminster skytrain station.


5) Taverna Greka - $$

Feeling stuffed from the pita, dips, lamb, kalamari, roast potatoes, rice and salad? Let it ALL out in these colourful bathrooms.


6) Patsara Thai - $

The active water feature got you feeling the rush down under? Sneak past the kitchen to their unisex bathrooms. It's simple & clean, and the little greenery is a nice touch.


7) Anvil Centre - FREE (kinda)

Of course Columbia's "modern and breathtaking" venue has stylish bathrooms. If there are no conferences that day, they lock the bathrooms...but not the third floor!


8) Landmark Cinemas - $

Unfortunately, these ones are only available past the ticketing line. They have ample stalls so you can always guarantee your rightful spot on the golden throne. So before you catch a movie, why not drop a deuce. 


9) Boathouse - $$

You're guaranteed to feel at home at the Boathouse. Their washrooms are comfortable, inviting and clean.


10) Eats at the Pier - FREE

Got to pee at the Pier? Don't anticipate anything glamorous or cozy at these stalls. Are they the best? Well...they're free so they'll do just fine. 


Did we miss any? Let us know which ones we missed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (downtownnewwest)!

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