Top 10 Best: Cheap Eats Downtown New West

Monday, February 20, 2017

Everything's $5 and Under

From cheap to cheapest

#10 Hops North West Pub

Grab their express lunch, which includes food + drink, for $5.99. Food items include fish & chips, burger, quesadilla, and more. *Only available Monday - Friday, 11.30am - 2.00pm. See their menu HERE


photo courtesy ahallibu93

Find their info HERE


#9 V Cafe

Fresh salad rolls for 5.50! Their signature rolls are filled with lettuce, vermicelli, cucumber and your choice of meat. Plus their dipping sauces are all housemade.


photo courtesy lilchubbyvegan

Find their info HERE | Read our profile HERE


#8 Hot Bite Pizza

Craving a burger? Grab a spicy (or regular) chicken burger for $5.25 at Hot Bite Pizza. You can also choose from beef or fish, plus make it a combo for $1.25 more.


Find their info HERE


#7 Subway

Downtown New West has four Subway locations to choose from. Look for their $5 foot long deals all week long.


Find their info HERE


#6 Pamola Bakery

While you can definitely grab a baked good for under $5, it's their two tacos for $5 that's the deal. Choose from grilled steak, chicken, slow cooked pork or vegetarian options.


photo courtesy Pamola Bakery

Find their info HERE


#5 Truffles Fine Foods

Try their beetroot and goat cheese salad (or any other salad) for $5.00. Wanting something more substantive? Their house-made fresh soups are filling and go for $4.50.


photo courtesy truffles_fine_foods

Find their info HERE



Hit up Carnarvon Street for some super affordable Vietnamese subs. BANH Mi BAR has prices starting at $4.75 (taxes included).


Find their info HERE | Read our profile HERE


#3 Columbia Street Sandwich Company

Pick up one of their breakfast items for all under $5. Our recommendation is the A.C.E. on an everything bagel for $4.25. You're going to love it.


Find their info HERE | Read our profile HERE


#2 Fresh Slice

Have a slice of the savings with the 'Festive Tuesday' deal. It's 2 slices for $3.50. That's pretty great!


Find their info HERE


#1 La Grotta del Formaggio at Donald's Market

Grilled Cheese Panini for $3.50. Toasted foccacia bread with tomatoes, lettuce and your choice of cheddar, mozzarella, havarti or provolone. Add the soup for $3.


photo courtesy lagrottadelform

Find their info HERE


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