Top 5 Biking Spots in New West

Sunday, June 26, 2022

There’s no better time and place to bring out your bikes and enjoy the sunny weather than summer in Downtown New West!

This post will cover some of our favourite places to enjoy an afternoon breeze out biking in our beautiful city. We’ll cover three very easy and leisurely routes, as well as two longer and more challenging options. Don’t forget to check out some go-to-places for taking a rest stop while you adventure out to our beloved parks and trails!

Pier Park

A classic that’s known for its award-winning waterfront views of the Fraser River is Downtown New West’s Pier Park! This self-contained park holds ample room for bikers and pedestrians as it includes a variety of picnic tables, open fields, and sports courts. Just around the corner of Pier Park are Gastronomia and Donuteria, which house some of the best pick-me-up treats if you become hungry after your bike ride. If you’re looking for an abundant green space to spend quality time alone or with family and friends, this modern park is a great place to bike or walk on a sunny afternoon.

pier park bike ride

Quayside Park

Another epic park to enjoy is Quayside Park. Located right along the Waterfront Esplanade boardwalk, you’ll find beautiful and scenic views of nature here. During the springtime, you may notice members of the community bringing out their dogs and children to enjoy the boat-shaped playground. When combined with the Esplanade boardwalk, this route is much longer than Pier Park, but you’re able to cruise at your own pace and lock up at the many bike racks scattered throughout. Look no further than Quayside Park for a relatively light and easy ride within close proximity to bathrooms, rest stops, and gorgeous views. For a quick bite along the way, check out Tre Galli and Longtail kitchen for some gelato and Thai fusion cuisine!

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Central Valley Greenway

Our two greenway recommendations are best for solo bikers that want to challenge themselves in terms of distance – this particular one is the more centrally located but difficult of the two. The Central Valley Greenway is ambitious in scope and stretches not only across Downtown New West, but also Burnaby and as far as Vancouver. Whether you want to end anywhere along the greenway in New West or venture out further west, the majority of the trail is separated from street traffic and is mostly flat; a perfect opportunity for those that really want to get some kilometres in without being subject to hilly terrain or big changes in elevation.

crosstown greenway bike blog

Taken by Jhenifer Pabillano – Editor of the TransLink Buzzer Blog

Queen’s Park

A very family-friendly place, Queen’s Park is your one-stop destination for an active family outing. The trails within the park are in close proximity to the various playgrounds, picnic tables, and sports courts that your friends and family might be spending time at. Whether it’s a breather to enjoy the lush scenery in solitude or a simple, easy, and relaxing ride with your kids, Queen’s Park has a lot to offer for those that want to bike and spend a sunny day out on their own or with loved ones.

queens park bike blog

Taken by Chris D – Tripadvisor

Crosstown Greenway

This greenway conveniently starts near 22nd Street Station for transit access and has two “ending” destinations. Those who wish to enjoy a relatively straight path with next to no turns can bike the four-kilometre journey to Queen’s Park and unwind there, or add in an extra two kilometres and reward yourself with some sunny relaxation at Sapperton Park. The greenway is separated from street traffic and is mostly flat; a perfect ride for those that want to venture into more difficult routes but don’t know where to begin.

central valley bike blog

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Hope to see you out and about enjoying the beautiful scenery and sunshine! 

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Title photo taken by Tammy Brimner

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