Top 5: Spots to Refresh Your Study Habits in DTNW

Monday, September 17, 2018

It’s easy to get swept up by study crunch-time: you hole up in a dimly-lit room, afraid to leave your magical sources of caffeine and Wi-Fi ...

Time to change up those habits with our top five alternative spots for studying downtown that’ll get you out & about while still prepared for your academic success!
5. Douglas College
Library Hours: M-F  8am-4:30pm, Tues–Thurs  8am-9:00pm



It may be obvious, but the campus is well suited to your study needs: accessible power outlets, open spaces with ample seating, and a café open till 6:00pm. Wi-Fi access may be limited for non-students, but it’s perfect for those trying to avoid social media while studying! *Note: The extension of the New West Campus at the Anvil Centre is now open!

4. The Network Hub
Hours: 8am-10pm


Need a place to focus but still crave easy access to various amenities? Splurge a little: the Network Hub rents out cozy workstations, and their drop-in ‘Hotdesks’ at $5/hour is a solid choice for those looking for a quick, secure study spot with high-speed internet and River Market conveniently downstairs.

3. Anvil Centre
Hours: 8am-5pm

Study Blog Post - Anvil Centre

The second floor of Anvil Centre actually has ‘study space’ written all over it: despite its many tours and events, Anvil Centre has a fair amount of accessible seating with clear views of Columbia Street below. It’s an unusual choice, but the Centre is great for studying in a downtown atmosphere.

2. The Hide Out Café
Hours: M-F 8am–4pm, Sat 10am–4pm


The Hide Out Café hosts plenty of indoor or patio seating with bright ambience: top it off with a great menu for your hunger & Fair Trade coffee needs, plus complementary Wi-Fi for customers? This cafe has got all your study needs covered!

1. Old Crow Coffee Co.
Hours: M-F 7am–6pm, Wknds 9am–5pm, Holidays 10am–4pm

Study Blog Post - Old Crow Coffee

A cozy hole-in-the-wall spot just off the beaten path? Check. Offers a great selection of coffee and food? Check. Opens every day AND on holidays? Old Crow gets props for offering great window seats to study every day of the year: just be sure to get in early enough to snag a lucrative study spot before everyone else does!

That’s just five alternative spots in Downtown New West that still offer the necessities in study life! What other hidden study gems in the downtown area can you think of?

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