Charm Wedding Design

Vancouver based bridal designer | Bringing the future of elegance to bohemian, vintage, & modern inspired gowns | Alteration services available
Expect the most flawless imaginable gown on your important day: natural silks, laces, glamorous touches of Swarovski crystals, exclusive trims and the finest embellishments.You deserve it all on your special day. Nipped and tucked by skilled, professional tailors, your gown is designed to reflect your personality and is custom-fit to you.

With a keen eye for detail, Charm Design produces gowns of tasteful elegance and quality. We respect your budget by offering a selection of designs and textiles to meet your needs.You are the centre of attention on the most important day of your life. Step into the spotlight with the confidence that comes from knowing that Charm Design allows you to project your radiance, showcase your attributes, and minimize any perceived physical shortcomings.

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