Imcos Services Inc.

#300-713 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada, V3M 1B2


Imcos employment agency specializing in finding skilled foreign workers for Canadian employers who need them. Our goal is to help Canadian businesses solve their labour shortages while giving the skilled workers we recruit an opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

The people we recruit usually have the goal of becoming Canadian permanent residents. As a result, they become long term “keepers” for your company.

The focus of our skilled worker recruitment is on Polish nationals living in United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Norway and Poland. In 2004, the United Kingdom and Ireland opened their labour markets to new European Union members (including Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic). Over one million new workers from Central and Eastern Europe moved to Western Europe. They acquired crucial work experience in an English language speaking environment. We now help many of these workers take the next big step of their lives (over the Atlantic Ocean) to Canada. Given the economic problems in Europe, Canada has become a much more attractive immigration destination recently.

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