Mila + Paige

Mila + Paige focuses on bringing fashionable, high quality garments into store with two distinct styles. There are two muses the store will use when curating clothing, Mila and Paige.

Mila, is a classy, sophisticated woman with a flair for fashion. She’s in control of her life and has a rewarding career. Her look is clean and modern and always unique. When she’s not dominating the boardroom, she enjoys going to wine dinners with her friends or spending an evening at home with her family. She takes care of her health and makes sure to squeeze in gym time during her lunch hour or before breakfast.

Then there is Paige. Paige is a hip, young, trendsetter. She’s a foodie and loves trying new restaurants and bistros on the weekend. Her clothing choices are always fashion forward making sure she stands out in the crowd. She cares about where her clothing comes from and chooses to shop locally over chain stores.

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