Best Avocado Dishes You Can Avo Find #NationalAvocadoDay

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Holy guacamole, it's National Avocado Day! Who doesn't love avocados? From sandwiches, guac, to sushi, and everything in between; nothing’s like avocado that tastes so good on its own, but also goes well with absolutely everything.

This National Avocado Day, let us all celebrate the amazing presence of this creamy green gem! Here’s THE list any true avocado lover should complete in Downtown New West:

Old Crow Coffee: Avo Toast

Old crow_1

Old Crow knows their avocado toast. Simple yet delicious – serving it with multiseed bread, pickled onions, and olive oil. Yes please!

Bruncheria Cafe: Avocado Grilled Cheese


Nothing beats a good grilled cheese, except maybe one stuffed with avocado. When a creamy avocado meets the best cheeses like melted Provolone and Swiss cheese, it’s bravo-cado! If you think your taste buds can handle the awesomeness of this grilled cheese, GO FOR IT.

El Santo: Guacamole Trio

el santo_1

If you haven’t tried El Santo's guac trio, you’re missing out! Served with a generous portion of house made chips, their guacamole is topped with three unique flavors: tomatillo & citrus + mango + chicharrón. Perfect to snack on with a group of friends, yum!

Columbia Street Sandwich: A.C.E.


Gotta say, they ACED the art of making sandwiches. Avocado, Cheese, and Egg make the best team when it comes to a sandwich. You can choose to add tomato or/and lettuce to the equation to pack in some extra flavor and crunchiness! Best of all? It’s less than $5!

Angelina's: Vegetarian Egg Benedict


A must for vegetarians. This veggie egg benny with spinach, cheese, tomato, and of course, avocado, is the crowd’s favorite! It also comes with fruit salad and roasted baby potatoes which is a plus.

Hyack Sushi: Double Dragon Roll

Hyack sushi

Avocado and sushi = a match made in heaven. Avocado adds a creamy texture and buttery flavor to any kind of roll. Our favorite? The Double Dragon Roll that's topped with eel, tobiko, green onion and wrapped around a huge chunk of avocado!

What’s your favorite avocado dish? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to hashtag #downtownnewwest!

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