Best Spots to Slurp a Bowl of Noodles in DTNW

Monday, June 10, 2019

It is amazing how one simple ingredient has become a staple in so many cultures. Here in Downtown New West, we are lucky to have access to an array of restaurants, many of which serve these strands of deliciousness.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t imagine living in a world without noodles. They can be soft, chewy, or crunchy. They can be used in haute cuisine or quick street food meals.

Longtail Kitchen specializes in Southeast Asian street food, with a modern twist and BC ingredients. Chef Justin Cheung’s noodle dishes stay true to the traditional methods and flavours, making you feel nostalgic for riverside markets and hawker stalls. At the same time, the interior is distinctly New West, with lots of colour, rustic wood, and funky light fixtures.

Longtail 2

In a cozy nook right under New West SkyTrain Station, Ramen Hachi feels like a little slice of Tokyo. They make their own homemade noodles and black garlic oil, making for a ramen that is salty and fresh. So grab a bottle of Sapporo, and remember, it’s not rude to slurp!

Hachi 1

North Noodle House keeps things simple, with quality ingredients and homemade noodles. The menu is full of specialty dishes from various regions across China. To top it off, the staff at the Noodle House are warm and welcoming, making you feel like they are truly inviting you into their own home.

North Noodle 1

Piva is an award-winning modern Italian restaurant right in the heart of Downtown New West. This is the type of place to bring your out-of-town friends. They won’t even know what hit them! The Linguine Carbonara is topped with salsa verde and a poached egg, while the Spaghetti has portobello mushrooms and spicy sausage.

Piva 1

Credit to: @itsjosheats

With summer approaching quickly, you might not always want a hot bowl of noodle soup. Luckily, Hyack Sushi features a number of cold dishes that will satisfy your noodle cravings. The citrusy Shrimp Sunomono makes for a perfect appetizer on a hot summer day. Or, take the Salad Udon to-go, and head over to the Pier Park for a picnic.

Hyack 1

The broth at Phở Pho You – which takes 16 to 18 hours to simmer – is mesmerizing, and it only gets better as you get closer to the bottom. Why does it take so long to make? At this stage in the cooking process, the bone releases its healthy vitamins into the broth. But don’t worry, you’ll only have to wait a few minutes to get your bowl of phở.

Phở Pho You 1

Don’t feel like eating out? Head over to Donald’s Market and make your own noodles at home! They have tons of quality ingredients, including fresh udon noodles and elevated instant ramen.

Donald's 2

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