Cafe Crawl: The Best Espresso in DTNW

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Are you in need of a pick-me-up? You’re in luck! Downtown New West is home to some of the best espresso in the Lower Mainland. Whether you like your cafes cozy or bright, and your coffee over ice or piping hot, you are bound to find a caffeine fix that you’ll wake up thinking about.

Hide Out Cafe: This beautiful spot is off the beaten path, so if you make the trip you’ll get the pleasure of meeting wondrous owner Melissa and their friendly staff! Their espresso is locally roasted, the cafe is full of light with the floor-to-ceiling windows and they have a rotating menu of soups and sandwiches with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Best feature: High-quality espresso
Best drink: Americano, a balanced espresso shot in hot water with a perfect blend of roasted flavour, acidity and smooth on the throat with a little bit of cream or alternative milk.
Bonus: Music taste, danceable yet kick-back

hive cafe

Hive Cafe: Built as an offshoot of Hive City, Hive Cafe has friendly staff and a quiet atmosphere. With a secretive location down an alley off Columbia Street, Hive feels unexpected and will satisfy your cravings with delicious espresso and house-made pastries. 

Best feature: Friendly staff & quick service
Best drink: The rotating menu of flavoured lattes and recent release Iced Belgian Mocha
Bonus: Gluten free/vegan baked goods available + outdoor patio!

Banh Mi Bar: If you haven’t tried Vietnamese iced coffee, you’re missing out. Its balance of bitter, sweet and strong goes down smoothly and will satisfy any coffee lover. Visit Banh Mi Bar for incredibly friendly service and delicious Vietnamese eats, but be sure to get there before they sell out for the day!

Best feature: Impeccable service
Best drink: Vietnamese iced coffee
Bonus: Affordable prices

old crow coffee

Old Crow Coffee: This cozy cafe is known for its hustle and bustle, as the long tables and exposed brick provide a perfect place to study or work. Their balanced espresso and homemade pastries will satisfy that craving, but guess what? They also have a full plant-based lunch menu if you’re still hungry!

Best feature: Study & work-friendly atmosphere
Best drink: Cortado (try the oat milk!)
Bonus: Perfect location two blocks from River Market and a beautiful riverfront walk + outdoor patio!

As evidenced by the four iconic and lesser known sip spots above, Downtown New West is bound to caffeinate with a unique touch of joyful community, dietary accommodation and vibrant espresso. 

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